Food, Family, Fun, TV! – The African Cup of Nations

‘ Excited Fans ‘

It’s that time of year again. African Cup of Nations 2013!

That time where the football sport sees a rise in dedicated fans. The Africa Cup of Nations is held every two years and has been on-going since 1968. Being Africa’s biggest regular sporting event makes it a big deal whenever it comes along. This year, the 29th ACN is to be held and played across 5 Stadiums in the beautiful South Africa. Initially, Libya had won the bid to host, but due to the Arab spring that leaked into Libya, the tournament was moved to South Africa. At least bad weather will not be a problem, if it ever is a problem in Africa!

‘ Last Winners: Zambia ‘

The participating countries are split into four groups as follows:
                                              Group A               Group B            Group C               Group D
                                            South Africa           Ghana                    Nigeria                 Côte d’Ivoire
                                            Cape Verde             Mali                        Burkina Faso            Togo
                                            Morocco                  Niger                      Ethiopia                     Tunisia
                                            Angola                     Congo DR              Zambia                       Algeria
The tournament is already underway and some countries are already taking the lead. Shockingly, two of Africa’s big football playing countries; Egypt and Cameroon, did not qualify to participate in the ACN this year. In true Nigerian style, the Nigerian ‘Super Eagles’ are said to be eager to put on a good show this year but with Zambia in their group, (Zambia won the tournament last round) they are facing a pretty good team. In the end, it all makes for good old quality, tension rising TV time for us all.
For some, The African Cup of Nation may seem like another football tournament but some will know that this time of the year is not just about football, it brings together families and communities. I’m sure we all know or have heard of relative or friends who all huddle together in that one person’s house just to watch the match. It is like the barbeque that brings everyone together, agreeing over the same thing. For many young children in African, watch the CAN is a huge inspiration. Watching great men play football for their countries and make them very proud, gives way for the younger generation to aspire to emulate greatness. Whichever country wins these games will be bringing another trophy back to the motherland. Another stamp of achievement for a great continent!